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February 10, 2024





In the kingdom of whispers, a tale began,

Of a love entangled in a web, a forbidden plan,

The gossip mill whirred with a sinister delight,

As rumors took flight, in the stillness of the night.


A couple, adored by the public eye,

Caught in a storm, under scrutiny's sky,

A beautiful best friend, a twist of fate,

Betrayal and lust, a narrative they create.


The broken family, a tragic scene,

In the spotlight's glare, where secrets convene,

Gossipmongers relished the scandalous affair,

Embellishing tales with a devilish flair.


Social media, the herald of the news,

Spreading the whispers, fanning the blues,

Allegations of cheating, a nightmare profound,

Tearing marriages, breaking families around.


For the involved, a crisis of catastrophic measure,

No room for privacy, under constant pressure,

Every word, every deed, analyzed and dissected,

In the unforgiving gaze of the public, reflected.


The accused, unable to confront in peace,

In the storm of speculation, their struggles increase,

The rumors vague, a torment undefined,

A trio ensnared in the web of the gossip grind.


Hearsay danced on the wind, a troubling tune,

A friendship shattered, under the gossip moon,

The deeper the bond, the bitter the hurt,

A rift formed, emotions in the dirt.


No details to deny, just shadows to face,

In the court of public opinion, they must embrace,

Social media, a breeding ground for the storm,

As followers latched on, a lifebelt in the swarm.


Advice and opinions, a chaotic sea,

Drowning in views, no clear path to see,

A small whisper, a roaring torrent it became,

Speculation raged, fueled by the rumor's flame.


Once the friendship crumbled, irreversibly torn,

The rumor mill hungered for more to be borne,

Facts ground into powder, a relentless endeavor,

In all the gardens and homes, whispers echoed forever.



Grish Davtian


Grish Davtyan has published three books of his poetries in Armenian, and one book in English. He is the president of the Armenian Writers Association of California, and founding and former editor of The Literary Groong.

Grish Davtyan photo

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