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July 19, 2020



The Threat on the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant

In this segment Asbed Kotchikian discusses a wide variety of aspects of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) at Metsamor with Areg Danagulian. The ANPP’s significance to Armenia’s economy, energy security, and independence cannot be overstated. The power plant was shut down in 1989 following the devastating earthquake in Spitak, and when it was brought back online in 1995 after being shut down since 1989 it served as a lifeline and helped fuel Armenia’s economic growth for the next two decades.


Dr. Danagulian is Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT. He is currently working on new, monochromatic methodologies for cargo screening as well as technologies for treaty verification via resonant phenomena and physical cryptography.



      Azerbaijan’s threat to attack the NPP

      Overall safety and security of the plant

      Safe handling of nuclear fuel

      Renewable energy alternatives to nuclear

      Maintenance and upgrades to the NPP


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