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August 29, 2022


     Anna AbrahamIan


     Hovik ManucharIan

     Asbed Bedrossian



Hello and welcome to the Armenian News Network, Groong, I’m Asbed Bedrossian, here with Hovik Manucharyan.


With Anna Abrahamian


In the spring and summer of ‘22 the Armenian parliamentary opposition was in the streets of Yerevan in large numbers, with a goal to remove prime minister Pashinyan. That failed, or at least did not achieve all of the goals it had set for itself.


We’re analyzing what didn’t work, and how to take more effective steps forward.


To talk about this issue, today we’re talking with:


Anna Abrahamian, who is a geopolitical analyst currently based in Moscow.






The Armenian resistance movement has been in the streets since April. We have been out there trying to cover the issue from our perspective. We’ve seen you there too and in fact talked with you once on the issue.


      How would you evaluate the outcome of the resistance movement so far? Judging from the goals, not everything that has been promised has been achieved.


We were at Edgar Ghazaryan’s rally last week. Many were drawn in by what they say were assurances that Nikol Pashinyan would resign. That didn’t happen of course. Not to single out Edgar Ghazaryan, we saw instances of these kinds of assurances throughout the summer from the parliamentary opposition as well.

      Do you think this over-promising is detrimental in strategic communications with people?


From our last interview with him, it seems that Ghazaryan is relying on the procedure of impeachment to remove Pashinyan. The parliamentary opposition also has spoken about this potential move, but they have also warned that they will not support the move until they have confidence that it would succeed. In order to successfully impeach, of course, you need many Civil Contract MPs to jump ship.

      How realistic do you think this scenario is?

      What next? What if the impeachment fails?




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