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Letters to Groong

Whenever there are Letters to various publications, or Letters directly to Groong which we deem appropriate for the list, we will post them within the context of the "Letters to Groong" column.

All letters to Groong which concern or reply to material originally published in another source must be directed to that source.

We generally stay away from publishing letters on a topic that is "hot" and tempers may be running high. We do not wish to become a conduite for venting frustrations.

Letters to Groong are for Groong's audience only. No statements made in these letters are to be construed as recommended by Groong's Administation or by USC. Nor does Groong's Administation or USC necessarily endorse the contents, opinions or information presented in these letters.

Please note the following important points:

To submit a Letter to Groong, please Email it to Groong.

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