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April 13, 2007

by Sahan Arzruni


Eve Beglarian is one of the most extraordinary and strikingly unique
musical voices in New York. Described by The New York Times as a
`remarkable experimentalist,' she composes in ways that defy verbal
description or explication. 

The daughter of the late Grant Beglarian, a former Dean at the
University of Southern California, Eve has recently become interested in
her Armenian roots and began studying and composing music inspired by
her heritage.

On March 29, at Weill Recital Hall at New York's Carnegie Hall,
Beglarian's `I Will Not Be Sad in This World' was featured as part of a
recital entitled `The Flute Book for the Twenty-First Century.'
Composed for alto flute and pre-recorded tape, it was premiered by New
Zealander Marya Martin.

Beglarian's work, based on the eighteenth century ashugh Sayat Nova's
`Ashkharums akh chim kashi' (simply identified as `traditional Armenian
song' in the program notes), was intoned on a dimmed stage. The hushed
tones of the alto flute were cast against the multilayered audio
construction, chanted by Ms. Beglarian herself.

Here is a run-down of words that came to mind as I was listening to `I
Will Not Be Sad in This World': otherworldly, evocative, eerie, sublime,
quiescent, pearly, haunting, aquatic, unfettered, celestial, secluded,
revelatory, ecru, ripe persimmons....

It seemed like too short a composition.

Sahan Arzruni is a concert pianist and an ethnomusicologist. He has
toured China and Vietnam, performing and giving master classes, and
has delivered a series of lectures on Arshak II at the request of the
San Francisco Opera Guild.
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