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Armenia-Diaspora Conference 2002 Report

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May 28, 2002

By Hrach Kaspar


Today, a Made in Armenia Expo was inaugurated at the Government
Assembly Hall in Yerevan by His Excellency Andranik Margarian, Prime
Minister of the Republic of Armenia. Government ministers,
high-ranking officials and foreign ambassadors were joined by over
1600 guests from Armenia and the Diaspora at the opening ceremonies.

Close to 100 export-ready companies, mostly small and medium sized
enterprises (SMEs), are exhibiting their products and services at this
trade show organized within the framework of the second Armenia
Diaspora Conference by the Armenian Development Agency.

The Made in Armenia Expo is primarily intended to acquaint Diasporan
business people with the export potential of local Armenian companies.
Several economic sectors are presented at this event, such as:
agriculture and agri-food, including alcoholic beverages, fruit
juices, dried fruits, fish, dairy, meat, honey and chocolate products,
jewellery and diamond processing, textiles and leather goods,
machinery and tools, high-technology and software production, wood
processing and furniture, metallic and aluminum constructions,
carpets, arts and crafts, tourism and entertainment.

The closing and awards ceremonies of the Made in Armenia Expo will be
held on May 29th in the presence of the President of the Republic of
Armenia, His Excellency Robert Kocharian.

On May 29th a Business Seminar highlighting the activities of the
Armenian Development Agency and a number of local Armenian companies
will also be held at the main meeting hall of the Government Assembly

For further information please contact Mr. Hrach Kaspar

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