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Armenia-Diaspora Conference 2002 Report

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International Armenian Trade Network Created in Yerevan

Armenian News Network / Groong
May 27, 2002

By Hrach Kaspar


A meeting between diasporan chambers of commerce and business
organizations took place for the first time on May 25, 2002 in
Yerevan. This initiative was held within the framework of the second
Armenia Diaspora Conference.

Seventeen organizations from 11 countries sent delegations to the
meeting which was opened and attended by the Prime Minister of
Armenia, His Excellency Andranik Margaryan. Delegations representing
Armenia-based chambers and groups, as well as one from Artsakh were
also present.

Collectively, diasporan Armenian chambers of commerce and business
associations form important reference points in trans-national trade
and business networks and make up an impressive economic community
that can be of value to Armenia.

In view of an apparent need for a coordinated effort to promote
exports and investments in Armenia, as well as to enhance ties between
the various diasporan business communities, delegates adopted a motion
to create an Armenian Trade Network. The Armenian Development Agency,
which hosted the meeting, assumed the role of the secretariat for the
initial phase.

A draft outlining the objectives and goals of this new network was
presented. Discussions on the organization and development of the
Armenian Trade Network will be discussed further during the upcoming
days with a concluding session to be held on May 29th, 2002.

On May 26, a MADE IN ARMENIA expo showcasing some 100 export-ready
companies, mostly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), will open
in Yerevan at the Government Assembly Hall. On May 29th a Business
Seminar presenting the activities of the Armenian Development
Agencies, the Enterprise Support Fund and selective Armenian companies
will also take place.

For further information please contact Mr. Hrach Kaspar

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