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Armenia-Diaspora Conference 2002 Commentary

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Pre-Conference Ideas on Armenia-Diaspora Conference

By Guytzag Palanjian

May 14, 2002

Following my Pleas dated 1/11/02 , 1/13/02 and 4/3/02 addressed to the
"Planning Commission "of the 2nd A/D/Conf. I present herebelow in
brief format context of my "paper" that I wish to read and explain in
Armenian to participants:-

R.of Armenia Govt.or (mfa) vs.  - Diaspora's what Entity?  15 to 20
Ministries of ROA to Cooperate with Diaspora countries' what Entities?

The Diasporas have been organized around our Religeous and political
parties and their offshoots. And indeed Benevolent, Cultural,
Compatriotic and other such.We thank them for services rendered to the
communities and hope they continue.

However these are structures, independent of ea other ,centrifugal and
not representative of majority of the working people . They have
heads,but not a Head.  With the advent of this Third R.of Armenia on
the scene and her determination and desire to join forces with its
Diaspora and vice versa, it becomes adequate that the Diaspora
re-organize around yet another mechanism, other than the Church and
political parties that will fill the vaccum necessary to cooperate
with the 15 to 20 Ministries of the ROA Govt. in a mode that will
reflect coherence as between each Ministry's field of operation with
that of the Diaspora's.  THUS:_

After welcoming address by the authorities and their indications,which
will hopefully seperate actual work in workshops as will be seen below
from Panel presentations/discussions and/or Q.And presenters of
"papers" , (Zegouytzabers) regarding general issues, a
period,preferrably to be left for after organizational work and
Projects approved and decided upon by the following:-.  A N D

In order that within these two day's short period not a minute should
be wasted,we first of all seperate and form into groups ea
representing the analogue of the Ministry or quassi so."The
Construction field Colleagues" ," Banking & Finance","Travel&
Transport","Health/Medical","Engineers&Sciences","The Bar",
"Furnishing(incl.Jewellers) & Furniture","Food&Catering",
"Telecommmunications"," Media", "Education & Cultural",
"Industries& Mines"," Agricultural","Environmental& Forestry"
and perhaps one or two more.

A TWO HOURS Session to:-

Proceed to pertinent workshops (or if under one roof in seperated
areas).  Upon introductions with Haireni counterparts in said
workshops ,it is reccomendable that all pressing issues/necessities be
presented in very brief manner to Group's participants,discussed and
left to rest,untill after Second Two Hours Sesssion dedicated for
electing Board of ea/said Grouping.  Plus, as novelty a Three person
Representative Delegates of the Group to the Inter-Proffessional (and
future Central Council of ea Diaspora Country*) a) oneelected for
his/her most advanced position in the proffession,one for most
financially advanced and one in Armenian networking
capacity.Presidency of this body would rotate annually one seerving as
President the other two as v.presidents.



Review of Projects presented and approval or disapproval of each,in as
short a time as possible, (after feasibility is well examined and
affordable), e.g. if it is the "Construction" field Group examining
the bldg.  of a plant in a rural area, or say "Environmental &
Forestry) examining means of stopping decrease of water level in lake
Sevan, or Banking & Finance commencing the most important one,i.e.
Creation of the Nucleus of a "National investment Trust" at this
Session.  I propose that they (the Banking& Finance )sector sector
draw up scheme to be sent by messenger to all Groups to make their
official initial pledges towards opening a "Nat'l Investment Trust"
Fund at Central Bank through a CD, bearing interest of 12% in name of
each "Proffessional Colleagues Association"PCA".

First Day, AFTERNOON, Session II.

All Proffessional Colleagues having been formed and with Board and
3-person Inter-Proffessional Delegates,as well as mechanism of
"National Investment Trust" Fund,prepared by "Banking & Finance"
Group, a drive for participating in investment of "shares" should
commence at this second Session in All Groups of proffessions.  For I
believe, the only obvious and feasible means for getting started in
realization of any and all projects the securing of Finances is the
utmost and main issue.

Please be informed that this , "Trust Fund" will in no way cross with
All Armenia Fund,since this is an Investment Fund,for both ROA/Artsakh
and the Diasporas.

As previously I wrote ,we the participants are commencing a small,if
you will pivotal "nucleus" only of the Investment Fund, which ,in
order that it carry weight, we should at next Day's last
Session(General Assembly) unanimously approve approaching our major
Financiers,say the Manoogians, Kirk Kirkorian, The Hovnanians,
V. Manoukian,Eurnekian and one or two more such, for the main Working
Capital of a "National Investment Trust" fund with headquarters in
Geneva,CH ,in ...hundreds of millions of dollars hopefully, in order
that all non-participating huge collectivities of the rest of the
"Proffesional Colleagues Associatons' all over the Diaspora would
participate and INVEST.  Proceeding further, All investors,would
authorize the Central Bank of ROA to Loan from the capital of this
Trust Fund to small trades,workshops(since this is the pivotal fund)
at low ,say 6%p.a. payable in 3or 5 years(against mortgages) if not
paid back ,shares of that Trade, plant etc., to be taken over by
Bank,for investors. A 5% p.a. return to be secured by Central Bank for
the investors and added to initial capital.  And 1% for the Bank
itself. This can be later worked out on other scales ,when the Main
"National Investment Trust' Fund is organized in Geneva, by theBanking
& Finance Group experts (to which new members will adhere to) and
the major shareholder- Financiers. The " National Trust Fund", is for
All Armenians,whether in ROA/Artsakh and/or Diaspora countries.

Thence, All funds and or pledges will be listed signed by Boards of ea
Group and monies thus collected sent to Central Bank to be deposited
in respective proffessional Group's Accounts(to be opened by the
signatures of the 3-person Delegates of each Group), the Following
morning, i.e. the Second Day of Conf.

In the interim, while the "Proffessional Colleagues Assocations "
Sessions are in course, All political Party representatives, likewise
should convene their Sessions, in a Convergence/Tolerance and in
"Esprit de Corpse" round table mood, preferrably at a Hotel main
Hall,rather than headquarters of any host political party.  Likewise
the Spiritual leaders participating should convene their own at
St.Etchmiatzin,dealing with matters related to their field.


Upon presenting the reports from each "Proffessional Colleagues
"fields briefs by their spokesperson and or President ,regarding
decisions made for different projects, again as an example, the
"Education & Cultural" would report on hopefully amalgamation of
such similar associatons in diaspora countries (as the Sportive not
long ago did ,in Yerevan),decide to mutually agree on one form of the
Armenian language "oughagrutiun" and publishing of school books in
that format,etc., etc.


Convenes the Gen.Assembly which will decide to unanimously approve or
leave to be approved later, any Project,not found
appropriate. Here,please note that,only the presidnet of the 3-person
delegates of each Group should have intervening right as rep.of same
not any or all members.


"The "Banking & Finance " Group experts may decide to amalgamate
the "Trust Fund" at Central Bank, from all Proffessional
Groupings(since one may run short than other) in order that
all,according to urgency of issue, will receive adequate funding.


A) Projects approved/Funds procured. Finally, B) Another Objective
attained will be the above mode of actually attracting our mainstream
huge collectivities,by support of the Haireni participants and ROA
authorities, the non-politico ,but Proffessional Colleagues hitherto
left to drift away, will enter into the nationalaffairs arena and will
have taken root right here. And hopefully, upon return to their
respective Diaspora countries, these will strive to re-group in much
more important collectivities,muster clout, and nominate 3-person
(like above) delegates to CENTRAL COUNCIL of ea country , (thus at
long last, we will have attained same and then opt for the Supreme
Council of Diasporas, with 4 dept.of which we have only one , namely,
the Spiritual. We shall then strive to have the
Legal/political/historians, in Paris, the Economic(above Nat'l
Investment Trust) in Geneva, the Executive in N.Y alongside the ROA
U.N. Delegate.

In the diasporas these Colleagues Association delegates will meet and
sit togetherwith the political party rep.s and one ea from our three
denominations Religious Leaders. a 'New Concept of Participation &
Representation from all will have commenced to the benefit of all.  To
add, that if I am given at least 15 minutes time, preferrably early
the First Day of Conf. shall expand and throw light on above in

E.& O. excepted 

Guytzag Palandjian

Mr. Palandjian is a delegate to the second A-D Conference, and a
long time community activist in Europe and the US.

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