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Armenia-Diaspora Conference 2002 Commentary

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A New Concept of Electoral System, Reorganizing the Diaspora

By Guytzag Palandjian
March 20, 2002

A New Concept of Electoral System, Reorganizing the Diaspora

"A New Concept of Electoral System" was the theme of my paper sent to
the then (1990) newly forming Parliament of the ROA, which I have
developed further.

Heretofore, the politico have been the main engine in the electoral
system of all countries of the world. Political parties acting as the
only privileged entities to have the concession of presenting their
candidates to Parliament, Congress and Senate.

There are currently multiple Professional Colleagues Associations
(PCA) formed in the Diaspora: The Health & Medical, The Bar
Association, Engineers & Scientists, Jewellers, Sportive, etc.
There should also be the Banking & Finance, Transportation & Travel,
Construction, Telecom, IT, Food & Catering, Agro, Mines & Industries,
Education & Culture, Environmental & forestry, etc PCAs.

PCAs leadership bodies should be elected based upon merit. Three
person delegations would be composed of a leader elected for his
most advanced and senior position in the profession, another
elected for most financially advanced status, and a third for most
advanced Armenian networking capacity. The presidency of such a
body would rotate regularly between the three during the term of
their service (one would serve as president, the other two vice-
presidents). These leadership bodies will act as liaisons between
the PCAs and the traditional organizations, parties and the

PCAs would form in all Armenian-dense communities or "regions" of
Diaspora. These PCA leaderships, together with traditional Armenian
organizations and the church, would form the Central Council of the

Regional Central Councils would again periodically elect an all
Diasporan Supreme Council with four branches:

I propose that that once a leadership body is formed by new PCAs,
that they request and join Community/regional Central Councils, to
widen and enhance the the scope of community participation by
representing their memberships in the political process.

Questions are invited.  Please note this is a brief scheme, previously
published in undeveloped form as "Four Preconditions For the Armenian
Diaspora" in Asbarez weekly in 1978/9 and also another in Nor Gyank
entitled "Projections on a New Statute for the Armenian Diaspora" in

Hamahaigagani Sirov,
Guytzag Palandjian

Guytzag Palandjian is a long-time community activist in the
Diaspora communities of Europe and the U.S.

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